Brian Mullan – A Dedication Part 1

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I set up the Brian Mullan Memorial Club to honour my dad’s memory, to get his work appreciated, to meet people interested in the type of vehicles he built and restored, to meet local enthusiasts and to keep a record of dad’s cars at shows, etc.

Firstly let me thank you for taking an interest in reading this appreciation of my father Brian’s life. Here’s a brief insight into the man who inspired this website… my dad, Brian Anthony Mullan, RIP.

Brian Mullans 1937 Ford Model Y Special ‘Falcon’

BRIAN ANTHONY MULLAN was an extremely talented man, as well as a devoted husband, to my mother Sadie, and a loving protective father to his children, myself Paul, Big Joe, Margret, Donna and Jennifer, and all his adoring grandchildren. We all miss him desperately.

Brian was born on 9th April 1940, at Ringsend, near Limavady, County Derry to his father Dan, and mother Annie (Cam, Ringsend).

He had two brothers, Danny and Charlie. Charlie sadly passed away suddenly quite a few years ago, whilst building a house near Limavady, leaving his two children, Philip and Margaret, who still reside in the Limavady area. Daddy also had five sisters, Maureen, Peggy, Marie, Teresa, and Nan who sadly passed away a few years ago.

His passion and love for all things mechanical, was obvious from an early age, as by all accounts, he was always tinkering at engines, bicycles, etc., and designing all manner of toys and items to keep himself and his brothers and sisters amused.

He told me about a 1930s Riley MPH car which he and his brothers owned and worked on at one stage, fitting it with a different engine as the original one had given up – the same car today is worth a fortune. He even managed to track down the car’s current owner recently, got speaking to him and had photos sent to him in its restored condition… he loved that car.

I have heard stories recounted of him, and Danny, on their motorbikes, years ago too, racing around the roads at Coleraine, Dungiven, Ringsend, Garvagh, etc. and he wasn’t always the ‘safe driver’ he’d have us kids believe! I heard that he’d taken both sides out of his shoes trying to ‘straightline’ an ‘S’ bridge… eejit!!

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About Brian Mullan Memorial Club

My reasons for setting up the Brian Mullan Memorial Club and website are simple – to have my father, Brian Mullan, remembered with the esteem he deserves and to allow his cars to be appreciated by others as he would have liked – and in the process meet new like minded friends and collectors of these works of art.
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