1937 Ford Model Y Special Falcon - Brian Mullan Memorial Club

1937 Ford Model Y Special

There won’t be many of us vacating this life and leaving behind something which we created with our own hands that will give pleasure to those generations who follow us. But
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1972 Lotus Elan +2 S130 - Brian Mullan Memorial Club

1972 Lotus Elan +2 S130

Yet another of my father’s much prized restorations, a 1972 Lotus Elan +2 S130. He acquired the car in 1982, which at which time was a non runner sporting a rather sad lookin
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1973 Range Rover - Brian Mullan Memorial Club

1973 Range Rover

My father, Brian Mullan of Ballymoney, bought this Range Rover in 1978. Some years later he dismantled the vehicle, converted it to diesel then rebuilt and refurbished the complete
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1977 Bedford CF Motorhome - Brian Mullan Memorial Club

1977 Bedford CF Motorhome

The 1977 Bedford CF Motorhome was dad at his best. He bought it as a brand new CF shell in 1978 and built it as a van with Recaro seats, roof lining, sunroofs, inner panels, carpet
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Bird of Prey - Brian Mullan Memorial Club

Bird of Prey

I have had this article for quite some time now, and when I recently took a look at it I realised that it is a great story. While I didn’t know Brian Mullan, the creator of t
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Dad's Unfinished Project - Brian Mullan Memorial Club

Dad’s Unfinished Project

This is the only car my dad never finished due to his ill health. I will be doing a full report on it and posting all the details on its progress here in due course.
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