BMMC Collection

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My reasons for setting up the Brian Mullan Memorial Club and website are simple – to have my father, Brian Mullan, remembered with the esteem he deserves and to allow his cars to be appreciated by others as he would have liked – and in the process meet new like minded friends and collectors of these works of art.

My father loved all types of mechanical machinery from static engines to aeroplanes so this is not solely a classic car club, but a site for enthusiasts to meet, chat and discuss anything relevant although preferably no modern stuff please – daddy couldn’t stand most modern cars.

Along with myself and the rest of our family, we started a local club in Dad’s name with members from the local area to arrange runs and outings in order to get all Dad’s cars out into the fresh air.

So if any of you reading this are interested, join up and have a say. It’s free and easy to join… just register under the Forum link at the top of this page. It is not a requirement that you own a vehicle to join this site – just that you appreciate them.

The Brian Mullan Memorial Club attends several events each year where the cars are displayed. Details of these events will appear on this events calendar as I get informed of them.

Hope to speak to you all soon.


The BMMC Collection

1937 Ford Model Y Special ‘Falcon’

Hand built open top coachwork on a modified Model Y chassis. Steel bodywork frame with aluminium panels. Engine stripped and rebuilt complete with Aquaplane head, and 1 ¼” SU carbs.

1972 Lotus Elan +2 S130

Completely restored using original parts. Engine, gearbox, back end, suspension arms, etc. were all refurbished and refitted. Wolfrace spin on rims were polished up and fitted with 205/60 x 13’s on the rear, and 185/60 x13’s on the front to clear the arches.

1973 Range Rover

Bought in 1978 and still used every day. It was dismantled, converted to diesel then rebuilt and refurbished – inside, outside and underneath. The only main original parts used were the bonnet, bulkhead, roof and chassis.

1977 Bedford CF Motorhome

Bought as a brand new CF shell in 1978 and built as a van with Recaro seats, roof lining, sunroofs, inner panels, carpet, etc. It was later split in two, lengthened by 8 ft, fitted with a specially made high roof, and converted it into a motorhome.

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