1977 Bedford CF Motorhome

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The 1977 Bedford CF Motorhome was dad at his best. He bought it as a brand new CF shell in 1978 and built it as a van with Recaro seats, roof lining, sunroofs, inner panels, carpet, etc. It was completely built from new with shot blasted and painted parts, reconditioned engine, new bearings, seals, etc. My father used it as a car whilst restoring his Range Rover (also featured on this site).

When the Range Rover was finished, he had no use for the van, so he split it in two, set 8′ into it, fitted a specially made high roof, and converted it into a motorhome; furnishing the interior with equipment from caravan outfitters. It has everything – far too much for me to detail on here but I hope to let you see it all in the ‘flesh’ soon.

1977 Bedford CF Motorhome
1977 Bedford CF Motorhome

I’m not saying this because he was my dad, and I’m immensely proud of him, but the standard of workmanship in this vehicle, is second to none. If it was stripped out, you would swear it was factory built, such was the effort my dad went to…

Original strengthening panels were removed from donor vehicles, and fitted to the new panels… the amount of thought and work that into this vehicle was breathtaking!

It is currently up on axle stands and has been for the last 12 years due to my late dad’s ill health.

I hope to return it to the roads to have his skills admired soon.

My dad was one in a million… xxx


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My reasons for setting up the Brian Mullan Memorial Club and website are simple – to have my father, Brian Mullan, remembered with the esteem he deserves and to allow his cars to be appreciated by others as he would have liked – and in the process meet new like minded friends and collectors of these works of art.
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